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Then comes marriage

We spend much of our time and energy trying to fall in love: often to the point of dating anybody who will go out with us. Problematically, we tend to disregard the future as we seek the love of our life. We focus so intently on falling in love, that we forget the target of that love. That target, or destination, is marriage. This book is an outpouring of my burden to help young people to experience marriage centered dating. Yes, “love” should come first, but don’t get lost there.


Becoming datable

Divided into four chapters, this section covers everything about you. In order for you to have the best relationship possible, you first have to be the best individual possible. Start by discovering God’s plan for your life, then begin setting yourself up for success in a future relationship. Keep your heart open to God as you grow and deepen your relationship with Him, and find yourself some counselors who can help guide you in this incredibly important time of your life. 


Dating Intentionally

This section covers those early stages of dating. We start by discussing how to find your spouse, then we break it all down by comparing differences and determining what things you ought to consider before marriage. You’ll learn how to develop communication and then how to set a proper speed limit on your relationship – the only thing worse than no relationship is the wrong one; the only thing worse than a wrong relationship is the right one going the wrong way.


Lasting Relationship

Also divided into four chapters, this section covers the final stages of your dating relationship. Everything here builds up towards marriage and this book will help you get there as smoothly as possible. You’ll learn to understand your role in the relationship and how to disagree. Then, in the final chapters, we’ll discuss hard things you may encounter while dating (long distance relationships, problems with parents, deaths, and financial problems just to name a few). I wrap up the book by answering that fatal question, “When should I break up?” 

future books

Its not my fault!


Can your own feelings of  “Christ-likeness,” keep you from offering forgiveness as Christ modeled on the cross? 

It is often when we are most innocent, that we are most guilty of withholding forgiveness from those who have wronged us. Therefore, relationships are ended, not because of the wrongs performed, but because of the forgiveness not provided by he who saw himself most righteous or “Christ-like.”


This book strives to take a harsh and unapologetic look at our all-too-common tendency to stay bitter.

Defeater or defeated?

Success means different things to every person, but everyone wants to attain it. So how do we attain that which we cannot define? It’s simple – Success is a byproduct of doing the right thing, if you focus on the byproduct, you’ll never actually get it. 

This book explores Biblical principles of success. Covering 38 different topics, this book will help you reach your greatest potential. 

Don’t live your life by accident. Accidental living breeds defeated living. If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to be defeated, you want to be the Defeater! 

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dealing with Adversity

How can we handle those circumstances far beyond our control with grace and mercy as a Christian ought? Why do some people turn to God while others turn away? What course of action can I take when life feels out of my hands? How can we best follow God’s plan for dealing with adversity?

This character study takes a deep look at the lives of Joseph, David, Esther, Job, Daniel, and Paul in order to delve into how faith’s greatest heros faced the greatest trials humanity has ever encountered.